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Salsa Shines & Footwork Challenge On2 (Part 1 - Beginner) | TheDanceDo…

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폰이라면 전체화면(가로)로^^
▶ Try some sample lessons: ---- ▶ Subscribe to our channel: ---- Beginner salsa shines for men and women - this is just a demo video. Looking for more On1 or On2 salsa footwork for beginners with crazy good instructors you can watch anytime online? Good thing you found us: La música: Charlie Aponte - Buscaré ---- Dance Dojo is an online salsa school for students and teachers looking for a progressive On1 and On2 curriculum with detailed breakdowns, quality videos, and proven teaching methods from 3X Canadian Salsa Champs Patrick and Scarlet. Become a member to get access to 100s of full instructional lessons here: ---- Follow us online here: Instagram: Facebook: Website:
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